Men's Fellowship

The St. Paul’s Men’s Fellowship is a group of men focused on spreading the spirit of our church into the community and within our congregation., while sharing fellowship with each other. A primary mission of the Men's Group is to increase the visibility and outreach of the church to our community. We meet on the third Monday of each month in the church fellowship hall at 7pm. This past year we sponsored and organized St. Paul’s Annual Car and Bike Festival. We also organized and sponsored luncheon events and sponsored a clay bird shoot. Proceeds from our events funded a replacement freezer and contributed to a replacement refrigerator. Our group regularly mixes with the congregation and other groups to accomplish our mission and to support the missions and goals of our church. Contact Dudley Adkins or Bob Aholt for more information.

News From the men's fellowship

The Men's Fellowship is busy working on the 4th Annual Car and Bike Festival scheduled for Saturday September 11th 2021.

This past year, the Men's Fellowship hosted a Burger Lunch and a Sunday Brunch open to the community. The big event of 2020 was the 3rd Annual Car and Bike Show which was well attended by community, visitors, and contestants. The year ended with the Men's Fellowship supported a pot-luck/burger event held at the Humming Bird Outback.

The proceeds from the Men's Fellowship events were used to purchase a new freezer for the church and also contributed to the purchase of a new refrigerator for the church.