Women's Guild

The Women’s Guild is an organization of St. Paul’s that meets monthly on the first Wednesday for spiritual fellowship among the women of the church and promotes Christian support and financial assistance for others in need of our services. We express this support by serving for funeral lunches, assisting with the Country Store at church dinners, participating in the Quilting for Valor program, assisting in the Red Cross blood drive, and hosting other events as needed.

The Guild's spiritual life committee visits members in nursing homes near Christmas. We sponsor subscriptions to the daily devotional booklet The Upper Room. In July we host a salad luncheon for women from six area churches. Our quilting group meets twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Anyone interested in quilting is welcome to come.

Our officers for 2020 are President: Cheryl Swartz, Vice-president: Lulu Hasenjaeger, Secretary: Terri Ogle, Treasurer: Audrey Meyer. Please join us for our monthly gathering at 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month.

News From the Women's Guild

Our Women's Guild started out the year with their Annual Blood Drive. 27 units of blood were collected for the Red Cross!

In March the Women's Guild held a Tea Party! After having a nice relaxing tea party, the Women's Guild was back at it again with another blood drive where another 23 units of blood were collected for the Red Cross.

The June meeting found the ladies touring the Bryan Haynes Studio Gallery in Washington.

July was a very special meeting, the ladies hosted a luncheon for the Women's Guild of other churches in our area. The guest speaker was a gentleman who performed missionary work in Africa and South America.